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Garlic Bulbil Capsule

Garlic Bulbil capsule has anywhere from 10-50 bulbils

.Garlic Field 2016 ...all hand weeded within the rows and rototilled between. Drip tape beneath the garlic for the feeding of compost tea and organic soil microbe  feed. 


Here below is a garlic bulb that we harvested early August
to see how they were doing. Most of our garlic was harvested
 the later part of August.

Close up of scape/bulbil capsule in mid-late July.

Preparing scapes for pickling.



Horticulture Show 2015...taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Garlic category!!

We firmly believe in poly cropping garlic for disease resistance, and shading of the ground for moisture retention. Hand selection of weeds to keep. Legume-type weeds kept, and low growing weeds. The bugs in the soil do best with diversity of plants, not a mono-culture.