Spring 2017 Bulbs

February 2017

Please contact us by phone or email if you would like us to send you our catalog in the mail.

Please contact us at kcpuffalt@gmail.com or call or text 1-306-736-8373 for ordering. 
Payments can be made 1 of 3 ways:
1.etransfer sent to kcpuffalt@gmail.com 
2.paypal sent to kcpuffalt@gmail.com 
3.snail mail a cheque to: CanadianPrairie Garlic eScape . Box 967 Kipling, SK  S0G 2S0

Spring Varieties available for 2017:
Both of these varieties are prairie hardy hard neck varieties that have potential of huge beautiful bulbs!  *we are sold out of Large size in both varieties but have mediums available.

To see our other gourmet varieties, please visit our next page. Gourmet varieties are nearly all sold out!
 Variety     Medium Bulb ea. 4-5 clove
1 3/8"-2" diameter
 Large Bulb ea. 5-7 clove
2" and greater diameter
 Kitchen Garlic
Approx 1" diameter
 Bulbil Capsules

2 3/4"-3" diameter 
 Music $1.00 ea. OR 300+ $0.75 ea.
 $2.50 ea. OR 100 + $1.50 ea.
 $0.50 ea.
 $2.50 ea.
 Red Russian
 $1.00 ea. OR 300+ $0.75 ea. $2.50 ea. OR 100 + $1.50 ea. $0.50 ea.

 $2.50 ea.
    * Bulbs will not have roots trimmed or papers trimmed.
    * For Shipping purposes, Kitchen garlic 5 kitchen garlic=1 bulb
    * For Shipping purposes, 3 Medium Bulb = 1 bulb.
    * For Shipping purposes, 1 Bulbil Capsule= 1 bulb.

    *Shipping costs: See shipping chart below.

Shipping Chart:
 1-20 Bulbs                            
 21-75 Bulbs
 76-100 Bulbs
 101-200 Bulbs
 >200 Bulbs
 Contact Us.

        *ON, QC, NB, NS, NL, PEI, add 25% to above shipping as it costs us more to ship east.