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February  2, 2017:

Groundhog Day! 6 more weeks of winter! Since WHEN has that ever been the case in Saskatchewan?
Working on our 2017 catalogue and website update! Keep posted!

July 11, 2016
We weekly feed our garlic with compost tea and other organic soil additives that help to loosen the soil, feed microbial bugs and improve soil health. Our goal is to promote sustainable farming. 
We look forward to garlic harvest starting in the next few weeks!

April 15, 2016
What a delightful early spring! The garlic is already coming up!
We have been steadily sending out spring planting orders. Happy planting everyone! Remember to plant shallower 2" in the spring rather than the typical fall depth of 3.5-4". Our garlic stored very well over the winter--we keep it temp controlled  and tops on until beginning of April. 

****Several Phone Calls Received commenting how AWESOME the flavor, HEAT, and freshness****
A memorable phone call "I couldn't believe it! Your garlic SPIT at me when I pressed it!! That's how juicy it was!"